holiday hot list: unique and budget-friendly gifts under $50

We’ve got gift ideas for your sister, mother, friend or any woman in your life this holiday season! Show your appreciation to your closest family and friends and elevate their mood by giving a present sourced from your favorite local boutique. Winter gift giving has never been more meaningful, and we tapped ten products that won’t break the bank.

Explore our top gifts under $50, and remember, we have plenty more in store for all of your shopping pleasure!

Road Trip Canvas Tote $45

Why we love it: As our travel has shifted, this canvas tote transforms hours in a car into a memorable cityscape paired with style for anyone’s next itinerary.

Gold Pearls of Friendship Necklace $46

Why we love it: A perfect price point for a meaningful gift to your BFF who appreciates dainty, timeless jewelry.

Hanukkah Gift Bag:

Emoji Dreidel Set $12
Chanukah Spatula and Cookie Cutter Set $12
Chanukah Bingo $12.50
Hanukkah Towels $10 each


Why we love it: These playful finds ooze fun. Consider yourself Hanukkah ready with these expressive collectibles.


Peanut Pig Medium $22

Why we love it: This pastel pig from Jellycat will be the most lovable companion for any little one. Plush and adorable, gift this stuffed animal to any nesting mama and papa.

Hansel House $48

Why we love it: Illuminate any room with this ornate Hansel house. Place a candle inside and this decor will accent any interior, guaranteed to be a present winner.

Spicewalla Tasting Collection $19

Why we love it: For any cooking aficionado or culinary novice, introduce high quality spices ranging from sets that satisfy baking temptations with Cyprus Flake Salt to the Mediterranean collection featuring Green Za’taar. You’ll spruce up anyone’s kitchen with these unique seasonings.

Lollia Relaxing Eye Pillow $38

Why we love it: These days, we could all use a little eye pillow relaxing action. This one so happens to smell delightful and is oh, so soft and aesthetically pleasing.

Jute Bell Peace Sign Ornament $15

Why we love it: This rustic ornament with gilded bells completes any tree. As we spend more time than ever indoors, why not gift a stylish trinket with a peaceful sentiment.

Chicago Map Insulated Wine Tumbler $34

Why we love it: Flaunt Windy City pride with these stemless wine tumblers. Sit back, relax and sip the grape of your choosing in a timeless container great for travel.

Peace on Earth Candle $35

Why we love it: Topping our list for great stocking stuffers, candles foster relaxation while simultaneously being visually appealing. This Art Effect signature candle celebrates the holidays with fragrance notes of hite oak, myrrh, incense, leather, and burning embers.

Woven Plaid Wrap $35

Why we love it: Any recipient will endlessly thank you for this woven plaid wrap. The sharp colors reminiscent of sunset tones provide warmth for when the temperatures drop. 

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