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Last Chance to Shop Jeanine Payer Jewelry

After 25 wonderful years, Jeanine Payer is closing shop. Don’t miss your last chance to own a piece from one of our most beloved jewelry designers. View pieces from Jeanine’s final collection in store or special order from her classic catalog. Special orders must be placed before Dec 23rd, supplies are limited and holiday delivery is not guaranteed.

Art Effect purchased Jeanie’s very first collection 25 years ago. Over the years she has become a customer favorite and source of endless inspiration.

Jeanine Payer


A note from the designer: 

“I am announcing with a heavy heart that Jeanine Payer, Inc. as we know it will be closing on January 1st of 2014, which is the right decision at this time.
The poetry that surrounds us here has a magical effect.  We hear innumerable stories from you that are inspiring, trans-formative and moving; always so personal, as the work we create is to all of us.  I am and always will be uplifted by these stories, both happy and sad, and the fact that you chose to commemorate events, milestones and celebrations for yourselves and for your loved ones with just the right design and passage.  We recognize how meaningful this company and the jewelry we make are to so many of you.  It is very special to all of us as well and we will miss it terribly!
Love is where the art starts, and I am at a place in my life where, as a mother of a six year old, I want to put my heart and soul into raising my son.   I am not sure what the future will hold, and I am keeping the door open to possibilities regarding this work that I so love and to the poetry that inspires it. For the time, it is important for me to focus inward and on my family to create a space for future creative/artistic outlets.
As hard as it has been to write this, right now I am feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude for your loyalty and support and for all the incredible people who have worked here with me over these past 25 years.
With much love and my deepest thanks,”
-Jeanine Payer
We wish Jeanine, her family and team all the best.
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