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Mullanium Songbirds by Jim and Tori

mullanium Songbirds by Jim and Tori


The Florida based design duo Jim and Tori Mullian started their collection of mixed media Songbird sculptures in 2006. He’s a self taught artist, she’s a jewelry designer and they share a love of antiques. The inspiration for the collection came from a box of vintage hunting decoys Jim had inherited. He took a damaged bird, added some odds and ends he had in his studio and the results were a revelation.

Mullanium Birds

The Mullanium Songbirds quickly became a favorite of collectors everywhere. Each bird is handmade in jim and Tori’s studio, using the old carvings as the models. With a unique steampunk aesthetic, the birds incorporate mechanical elements into a folk art tradition. Vintage toys, croquet balls, and binoculars become roosts for the songbirds, and each is adorned with bits of recycled metal, watch parts and old tobacco tags.  No two are exactly alike, each has it’s own personality and is signed and dated by Jim. These art objects are a charming addition to any interior and make unique and memorable gifts.

Shop Mullanium SongBirds by Jim and Tori.

Songbirds by Jim and Tori

French Housewares by Mr & Mrs Clynk

French design duo Mr & Mrs Clynk bring their talents together to create objects that mix fine crafts with industrial technics. Motifs and colors are inspired by found second hand objects, especially mid century modern design, and memories they bring back from travels. Mr Clynk is Jerôme Clynckemaillie, an interior designer and former partner of Andrée Putman, the venerable French furniture designer. Mrs Clynk, is Karine, independent textile designer. Together they make magic!

Mr&Mrs Clynk


Shop the Mr & Mrs Clynk collection brought to us by Atomic Soda. The retro modern dishes and kitchen canisters make wonderful gifts!

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