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Designer Profile: Julie Rofman

Julie Rofman Artist and Designer

Painter and installation artist Julie Rofman has translated her passion for color and pattern into a stunning collection of hand beaded bracelets. She begins each piece with only an initial color palette in mind. “I think this is what makes it most enjoyable, the decisions arise throughout the process,” she explains in a cool hunting interview, “I like seeing how matte beads interact with sparkly beads and the interaction of bold and muted colors.” The designs are inspired by the rich variety of colors and patterns found in some of the most beautiful and exotic locations around the world, from Stockholm to Tahiti.

Julie Rofman Havana Beaded Cuff $156.00 Julie Rofman Hana Beaded Wrap Bracelet $135.00 Julie Rofman Poa Beaded Cuff $200.00


Informed by traditional Native American bead weaving and geometric Bauhaus designs, she creates brilliant pixelated color fields of hand-crafted glass delica beads. The uniformly sized beads are sourced from a small family run studio in Japan. Each bracelet is hand woven on a small loom by women artisans in Guatemala and finished in Julie’s Northern California studio. Rofman holds an MFA From California State University, Long Beach and a BFA from Tulane University.

The updated friendship bracelets are bold, eye catching and easy to wear. Shop the Julie Rofman collection.
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